Credit Card Generator

Generate valid credit card numbers with fake details for testing purposes

The credit card number generator

  1. The credit card number generator
  2. The structure of the credit card number
  3. Check your own credit card number
  4. The most important information about the credit card numbers
  5. Blocking the credit card - have the number at hand

Have you ever heard of a credit card compilation generator? This sounds strange at first, but is especially interesting for people who want to experiment a little with card numbers without using real data. There are already various ways of ensuring security when paying with credit cards. However, this does not mean that there are no opportunities for improvement. With the help of an online generator, it is therefore possible to compile credit card numbers whose structure resembles that of real cards. However, these are not real card numbers. In principle, such a generator is one thing above all: an amusing toy.

You can select the credit card type for which a number is to be generated. Is it a VISA or an American Express? The number can then be generated with a simple click. The good thing about the generator is that although different credit card numbers can be created here, they cannot be used. Because in order to be able to shop online with a credit card, you need considerably more than a credit card number. The validity and the check digit are also queried here. The generator makes it easy to create many different fictitious credit card numbers.
Such a generator is particularly interesting if you are generally interested in the structure of the card numbers or are perhaps even looking to make the credit card even safer. You may also want to create sample numbers that you can include on your website. Of course, you can also simply string a few numbers together here. However, the generator is based on the correct structure of the credit card of the respective publisher.

The structure of the credit card number

Interesting for all, which decide for the card number with the credit card, is in any case the structure of this. Unlike what it may seem, the credit card number is not an arbitrary number but a code that contains important information. The number of the card type, the issuer of the card, the check number and the account number of the credit card account can be taken from this. The composition of the credit card number works according to a scheme:

  • The first four digits indicate the credit card issuer.
  • The 5th digit on the credit card indicates what type of card it is.
  • The 6th digit indicates whether a normal credit card, a partner card, a company card or perhaps a second card is available.
  • Nine more digits follow. This is the account number of the credit card account.
  • The last number of the credit card number is the check digit. With this number it is possible to check whether the credit card number is correct in this version.

Good to know: Not all credit cards have a number of the same length. This may vary depending on the manufacturer or issuer of the credit card. For example, there is the American Express with 15 digits, the VISA with 13 digits or the MasterCard with 16 digits. So if you want to know what the credit card number is made up, you have to look at the publisher as well.

Check your own credit card number

Have you always wanted to know if your credit card number is correct? You can of course make the effort and fall back on a complicated formula for this. However, it is better if you simply use a practical examiner. An algorithm is required to perform the check. Of course, you can simply enter the card number into the tester and perform the check. Or perhaps you would like to understand exactly what is behind the algorithm.

The Luhn algorithm used for the test is used. It is not quite as difficult to understand how this works:
The credit card number is checked from the back of the second digit. Every second digit is then doubled in value. Now the cross sums of the individual numbers are taken. It is important to know that for two-digit numbers, the digits must be summed again.

This is probably the most difficult part for people who have had nothing to do with it so far. At this point, the next smaller multiple is calculated, which can be seen at the cross sum of 10. Now it's time for the last part. Now the Modulo 10 is finally subtracted from the number 10. If the credit card number is correct, the result is the check digit. The credit card number can also be calculated by the customer, but it does not necessarily require a validator. Nevertheless, it is much easier and faster to test the correctness of the credit card number via the checker. In any case, it is an interesting possibility to deal with your own credit card number. Why should I check my credit card number? If your credit card works well with any payment, you don't actually need to check it. It can also be interesting to use the algorithm to perform the check and learn more about how the credit card works.

The most important information about the credit card numbers

Before the credit card number is dealt with in more detail, it cannot hurt to take a look at the general structure of the credit card. Important information can be found on the front as well as on the back. The credit card issuer can be found on the front. Both VISA and MasterCard are particularly well known. Then the name of the holder of the credit card is stamped in and easily raised to see. In addition, there is information on the beginning of the validity of a card, as well as on the expiry date of the card.
Important to know: When a credit card expires, there is usually no need to order a new card. In a normal contract with the issuing authority, the credit card is replaced by a new card shortly before its expiry date. It is different if the credit card has been cancelled. Then it becomes invalid from the time of termination, no matter what is noted on the card. Also on the front of the credit card is a hologram and the security chip. This is also called an EMV chip and also contains important information.
On the back of the card you will find less but no less important information. This is where the magnetic stripe is located. The cardholder has information about the cardholder. It must also be signed on the signature field. There is also a card verification number. This is not noted on the chip or on the magnetic stripe and is therefore very important for the security of the credit card.
Special security features - check digit, security code and CVC.
You are now sufficiently informed about your credit card number. You know how it is structured and what information it contains. However, the credit card number is not the essential factor when it comes to security when using the credit card. In fact, there is still a lot of credit card fraud. This can only be prevented if security is taken into account when using your credit card. To increase security, the card is equipped with several features.

What many people don't know: Both check digit, security code and CVC are a name for one and the same feature. This is the Card Verification Value Code. This check digit can be found on the back of your credit card and is requested when you make payments with it. Interestingly, the number on VISA cards is called CVV. So don't let yourself be confused when asked for this number. This is the check digit.
When will this be used? First and foremost, if you want to pay online by credit card. To make sure that you are not a fraudster who has obtained the credit card number in any way, the check digit is requested. In this way, the online shop can ensure that you are also the person who holds the credit card.

Note: Another security aspect is that you cannot simply enter the credit card number incorrectly as often as you wish. Each publisher specifies how often a card number can be entered incorrectly. If this quantity is reached, the card is blocked and must be unblocked again by the user.

Blocking the credit card - have the number at hand

It may well happen that the credit card is stolen or lost. In this case, you as the credit card holder are obliged to report this immediately to the responsible authority. This then blocks the credit card. It can't hurt to have the credit card number at hand in this case. So if you have the possibility, you should memorize the number. This makes it easier to assign the card, especially if you perhaps have several credit cards with one issuer. This is not a must, but a great help.
If your credit card is lost, it is important to report this immediately when you notice it and arrange for it to be blocked. Failure to do so will constitute misconduct on the part of the Cardholder and may result in the Cardholder not being reimbursed for financial loss.